Tiny House Design Exploration

Small Single Story Tiny Home

Tiny home city lookout

Large Multi-storey Tiny Home

This Tiny home can easily house a couple and a child with an additional small bed for the family pet or a smaller child. At 2.4 metres wide, 7.8 metres long and 4.2 metres tall, this Tiny Home maximises the size constraints of the NZ light trailer specifications.

Tiny Large Exterior

A double mezzanine to house the bedrooms which are connected by a walkway. This means no ladders to climb and a low pitch stairway which is easy to climb. The second bedroom could easily become office space.
The kitchen consists of hidden pantry storage in the stairs, a range hood and 4 burner hob top, a full oven and an under bench fridge.

A generous bathroom also houses a washing machine and extra storage space. The home is heated by a log burner and kept warm by ample insulation. Rainwater can be harvested off of the unique shaped roof, with skylights providing the bedrooms with natural light. Solar panels could be fitted to either the roof or on an external ground level structure.
This tiny home would have many nooks and crannies for multiple storage needs.

Section of Tiny Large Home

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