Hadaway Passive House

This Certified Passive House integrates Passive House, Living Building, and Homestar methodologies.

Passive house properties include site placement, glazing position and its materials, construction method including airtightness and insulation.

Living Building methods include the actual construction materials being Red List free, striving to be a Net Zero Building for its power. Water will come from rainwater harvesting and waste has to be hooked up to the council services.

Through these two methodologies, it can be Homestar 9 certified, if not higher.

Integrating all these design practices does not limit the design, but actually enhances it. The home is made using natural materials making it warm and inviting. The use of timber throughout connects the home to nature without that stark white new house look. The home is safe and healthy for its inhabitants with no harmful chemicals, no drafts, even temperature throughout the year, and with a small footprint, it does not take too many resources from the land.

Follow me for more on this project as it progresses over the year.

In conjunction with Andi Steinemann construction.

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